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Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Pay period change: This serves as your written notice that Clean Country will be changing pay frequency from a Bi-Weekly (26 pay periods or every other week) to a Semi-Monthly (24 pay periods or twice per month).

The new pay period will run Sunday thru Saturday with a pay date on the 1st and 15th of each month. The last payday in September will be September 26th and the first payday in October will be October 15th. For this first payday in October, the 15th falls on a Saturday so for one time only we will pay on Friday October 14th. 

After October, when the 1st or the 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the payment will be made on the immediately following Monday.

After October 1st, time cards are due by the 7th and the 23rd of each month in order to be paid on schedule.

VIP Customer Care.

Clean Country cleans over 350 facilties in 44 states. Each month our clients self-report  over 98% highest marks for customer satisfaction on our
You Speak We Listen Report

Green Cleaning.

Clean Country's  green cleaning improves health while putting more green   in your bank account. Compare cosmetic cleaning to removing soil from its source. 

Reduce Costs.
Lift Burdens.

Clean Country delivers consistent quality building services nationwide.  Proven sole source vending sets in motion a paradigm shift that     is transformative.               One company.   One contract. One invoice. 

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

For more information see
a Healthier Workplace

For more information, see 
One Vendor Nationwide

Making America a Cleaner Place One Building at a Time sm

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